We are a small project studio situated by the shores of the beautiful Lake Taupo in New Zealand.  Our goal is to provide an affordable digital audio solution for aspiring artists in a comfortable and creative environment.

The resident engineer, Graham Sullivan, is very qualified with over 30 years experience as a musician (bass player) and in music production.   He has a keen interest in helping new talent and brings innovative and fresh ideas to his recordings.


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Well what a year it has been for Taupo singer / songwriter Jayme Fitzgerald.  First of all she reaches the final six in the Smokefree Rockquest 2008 and now she has released her first single from her upcoming album.

The track is called “Water” and is a great number which hopefully will be heard on radio very shortly.  A sample of the track can be found on our Sample page for you to enjoy.

Meanwhile we are continuing with the remainder of the album which is due for release early in 2009.

Watch this space !!

The Mellow Drops from Tauranga recently recorded a demo with us called "Nurture". Check it out on our Sample page. We expect to hear a lot more from this band.

The Great Lake Music Fest

In March of 2004 we spent a day recording a live show put on at the property of Peter and Sarah Foreman in Taupo.  This event involved eleven different acts ranging from classical vocal to jazz to light rock and was an awesome day of music, sun and fun.  Lakeside Recording Studio has just released a four CD set from this occasion and it is a must for local music lovers (and music lovers everywhere).  You can order a copy of this CD set by contacting us direct.  This set is selling for $39.95 and has over three hours of music.  Samples of some of the tracks can be found on our Samples page.



Late in 2004 we finished a ten track CD from Nitelife, a local sequenced band featuring Ray Channing and Alison Flavell.  A sample of a track can be found on our Samples page.  While this CD was done purely for the benefit of Ray and Ali I'm sure they would love to know what you all think.  Please let us know.

Kilkenny Kats

Recent projects include a second CD from the local all female unit "Kilkenny Kats" featuring some of Taupo's most talented musicians.  Listen to the Sample from their first CD on our Samples page.  Amazing stuff!  Note that The Kats are planning A CD launch concert in October 2007.  In fact I think I may have some involvement in that - I had better polish up the old bass... More information closer to the time.


In 2006 we recorded some tracks from local heavy metallers "Necroternal".  These guys simply blew me away with their dedication, knowledge and musical ability.  I believe they have had some airplay on "The Axe Attack" show with Paul Martin, Sunday evenings on The Rock.  They certainly deserve it so if you are into this style of music look out for them.  Check them out on our Samples page.  Also check out their web site www.necroternal.com.


Albert Groot


During the Winter of 2006 we had the pleasure of Albert Groot in the studio laying down some vocal tracks for a new album.  Some of you may remember Albert from his Elvis show in Taupo's Great Lake Centre a few years ago.  I remember it well as I was one of the backing musicians for the show.  Well it took me a long time to get Albert here to record and it's taking me nearly as long to mix the tracks down.  However we are nearly there and are hopeful to have a CD out in late 2007.  You may think you have heard some great Elvis impersonators but you ain't heard nothing until you hear Albert.

This is definitely something to look forward to and is worth every minute of the wait.

Alex Wiltshire

Alex has just completed an album featuring some beautiful classical pieces played on the piano.  The album is called "Classique Blonde" and will be available for sale in July 2007.  Please contact us if you are interested in a copy.