• Audio recording - virtually unlimited tracks with up to 26 tracks simultaneously at 24 bit.
  • Conversion of MIDI files to audio
  • Multi Track Audio Mixing.
  • CD Mastering.
  • CD production and replication.
  • You name it - we'll give it a shot!


All prices are exclusive of GST.

Hourly rate of NZ$40.00 for all services.

Student rate of NZ$25.00 per hour.

Daily rate, seven hours, (including engineer) of NZ$250.00 (Students $150.00).

Major Projects - ask us for a quote.

Minimum charge of $20.00.

Post production time required beyond the initial recording will be charged at the appropriate hourly rate. The time taken to record, however, varies considerably depending on the type of artist - whether it be a full band or an individual so please email us with your specific details and requirements. Mixing the recorded material also can vary considerably and can take as long as the actual recording. Major projects will be considered on an individual basis and priced accordingly. Bottom line - talk to us.
As a very rough rule of thumb, a full production requiring live instrumentation will often require in excess of 10 hours per track in recording and post production work to achieve the finished article. However a live recording of a band complete can take considerably less time but not always with the same accuracy of performance or recording that a "track on track" recording would give. Hiring of musicians could incur additional costs.

We also carry a reasonably substantial library of Karaoke backing tracks if you are wanting to record vocal tracks only. It is also reasonably easy to locate backing MIDI files for most popular music. This can save considerable cost over using "live" musicians and you need usually only allow about 2 hours per track.

With the addition of our Presonus digital mixing console and MacBook Pro we are reasonably mobile and are able to pick everything up and set up almost anywhere to "do the business". However "track on track" multi track recordings are usually best suited to the studio situation.

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